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Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at
Thu Feb 8 08:15:41 EST 2007

>>  	It must be nice to be able to spend large sums of money to replace
>> perfectly function lenses for a marginal increase in performance and
>> functionality.  Mandated deprication (read: loss of aperture coupler)
>> aside, obtaining 95% of the optical performance for 10% of the expense
>> sounds like a winning proposition to me.  That is why I shoot pre-AF
>> lenses.... I would rather get 10x the lenses producing 95% the
>> performance of newer varieties.
> It's not a matter of 'being able to spend large sums of money'. I
> depend upon these tools to produce my work and make my living. I want
> the best tools that exploit *all* the features of the body which I
> paid for.
 	Fair enough.  If one is in that position (i.e. trying to make 
money with photography), it's a whole different level.  It make a lot more 
sense to use the latest and greatest to maximize quality with a minimum of 

 	For the hobbyist, it's a lot harder to justify big money on lenses 
that produce images at best marginally better than older, cheaper ones 
(provided they're willing to forgo the nicey new features like AF).



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