How to deodorize old Pentax?

P. J. Alling webster26 at
Thu Dec 13 21:05:37 EST 2007

You might try "Petastic" oder and stain remover.  It uses enzymes to 
neutralize all sorts of dog and cat related mistakes.  I'd try it on a 
bit of the leatherette to make sure it wont discolor it first.  After a 
surgical procedure one of my previous dogs got a blood spot on the 
upholstery in my car.  This stuff even neutralized the stain.

Peter wrote:
> Hi there!
> I have a Pentax S1A that I want to get overhauled and working again.
> Here's the thing though, I am trying to deodorize it first. The camera
> has spent the last 30+ years inside it's case and the back of the
> camera (curiously not the front) seems to have this strong sweetish
> aroma coming from the black textured area that makes me dizzy. I have
> let it sit in the open air for the last 2 months and nothing changed.
> I have tried dish soap, potassium hand soap, castile hand soap. No
> luck. I've tried leaving it in a casserole container with baking soda
> for several days, no luck either.
> I still have on my list to try: vinegar in a bowl in the container
> overnight, paste of hydrogen perioxide mixed w/ sodium bicarbonate in
> order to generate massive oxygen and scrub at it, zeolite overnight,
> newspapers overnight, charcoal overnight, spray it with febreze
> (cyclodextrins).
> I suppose a last resort would be to strip the grip material off and
> replace it, but I'd like to avoid doing that because it's in perfect
> condition.
> Advice appreciated.
> Thanks!

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