Mouldering film camera survey

John Francis johnf at
Thu Dec 6 18:50:45 EST 2007

On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 10:55:37PM +0100, Pawel Bartuzi wrote:
> Maybe a thread like yours will encourage some members here to list those 
> unused bodies and accessories as FS items? Are there any motor MXes 
> waiting to be sold? <g>

Nope.  That's my "cold dead hands" film camera.  It was my first K-mount
body (thirty years ago - how time flies ...), and I was lucky enough to
pick up a "New In Box" motor drive about ten years ago.
My second MX was bought purely as a spare in case the first one dies.

I'm not so attached to the other bodies - perhaps I'll sell the MZ-S
(I doubt if I'd get enough for the PZ-1p to make it worth selling).

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