OT: Legalese, Canadian Style

Bran Everseeking bran.everseeking at sasktel.net
Thu Dec 6 01:25:58 EST 2007

On Wed, 05 Dec 2007 21:42:52 -0800
Paul Crovella <paul at beingeaten.com> wrote:

> That's just a cop-out to never have to decide what's right and what's
> wrong.

not at all. I do not leave it to a moralistic approach nor a legalistic

I am of the opinion that body shame is a moral cop-out from the outset.
Were I the adjudicator I would tell the paid "naked in the house" model
to pound sand.  She chose to pose nude for several photographers all of
whom own the images they took.

others are of the "omg the poor girl naked on the net" that is so wrong

legal is going to be about deepest pockets.

If I turn up naked on the net in sculpture, canvas or photos my own
response will be "wow" I was young and slimmer...  all are possible
given my past at the university.  maybe  should go model again.


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