Wide dynamic range in Andes mountains/Argentina (questions and PESO)

P. J. Alling webster26 at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 6 00:19:02 EST 2007

If you shot them in RAW you could convert them with different exposure 
compensation for each conversion then combine.  That works rather well.

Igor Roshchin wrote:
> We had a very nice trip to the Andes in Argentina.
> The views were breathtaking.
> One of the challenges was the large dynamic range, especially
> in the afternoon, when shadows appeared.
> At one point I was trying to get the wild flowers in front, the
> mountains in the back, and the high-contrast clouds.
> I shot 20 shots with different exposures and ,
> but the dynamic range of the digital is not that wide..
> I was able to "pull" one of the photos:
> http://www.komkon.org/~igor/PHOTOS/Argentina/IMGPa9855.jpg
> For the reference, here are the same clouds in another shot:
> http://www.komkon.org/~igor/PHOTOS/Argentina/IMGPa9842.jpg
> (you can see how dark the front side is).
> And this shot shows the mountains:
> http://www.komkon.org/~igor/PHOTOS/Argentina/IMGPa9860.jpg
> I was thinking about creating an HDR shot in Photoshop, and may yet
> try to do that, but at the time of shooting I didn't have a tripod,
> so I'll have to see how well different shots match each other.
> Does anybody have any tips on how to best shoot such shots
> with or without HDR in mind?
> (Other brutal comments are also appreciated, as always.)
> Thanks,
> Igor

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