Cameras you wish you still had

keith_w keith_w at
Wed Dec 5 17:17:37 EST 2007

Mark Roberts wrote:
> Interesting question, and one I'd never considered before. But now that 
> I think about it, there aren't any I regret selling. I think long and 
> hard before selling a camera and so far I've never had a case of 
> seller's remorse.
> The one that took longest to decide to sell was the MZ-S, but I never 
> got along with its single-control-wheel system. I always liked the 
> dual-wheel system on the PZ-1p, and the ist-D drove the point home.
> I'll tell you one thing though: If the MZ-S *had* been set up with dual 
> control wheel s like the ist-D and K10D it would have been a lifetime 
> keeper.

Ah yes. The MX-S is the only SLR I have wanted but can't quite justify the 
cost of.
Almost moot now, as I'd have to find a used one, if I decide to go there...

I have several other Pentax rangefinders and some Oly OM- SLRs that I do keep, 
and distain the idea of selling any...

I think I might fall for a Leica M 2 or 3, but... that would require yet 
another dedication, to lay out the money... For little reason other than I'd 
really want to!  <g>

keith whaley

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