Legalese, Canadian Style

Bob Blakely Bob at
Wed Dec 5 16:42:49 EST 2007

Mess with nekkid wimmins, get screwed.

Seriously, check with the club for paperwork concerning exactly what the 
model signed up for, especially anything regarding limited distribution 
and/or use of the photos.

Note: No trees were killed in the sending of this message,
but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

From: "William Robb" <warobb at>

>A couple of years ago, I partook in a little photo contest based on
> the "Naked in the House" concept.
> Of course, I won (using a Nikon to boot).
> Some of you may remember the pictures which, until very recently, were
> on my website.....
> Anyway, some internet hero mentioned to the model that I had pictures
> of her on my website, and the shit hit the fan.
> So, for the moment, the images are off my website pending my deciding
> if I am going to be an ass about it.
> Now, here's the deal: The Regina Shutterbugs camera club hosted the
> event, and hired the model. I paid a sum of money to participate. I
> did not sign any paperwork (release) at all regarding the event or the
> pictures derived from it, other than to sign the cheque.
> My take on it is that I own the images and can use them for any non
> commercial purpose that I deem appropriate, including spreading them
> all over the world if I decide that such poor taste is appropriate (I
> just might on this one).
> Opinions?
> Preferably opinions that are relevant to Canadian law

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