Cameras you wish you still had

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A:  I haven't had many cameras.  most were not that good.  The MZ-5n hasn't 
been gone long enough for nostalgia to set-in but I did like it a bunch.

B:  I'm still eyeing a 645.  When I was selling a friends' MZ-s, I held that 
camera almost every day.  I liked it a LOT but didn't have the funds to keep 


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> Thought it was time to reminisce again.
> A: What cameras have you owned that you wish you had never gotten rid of?
> B: And, just for fun, what cameras have you lusted for but never had?
> Here's my list,
> A:
> Linhof Super Technica 45 (The do anything camera)
> Rolleiflex 2.8E2 (Best portrait camera I ever owned)
> Mamiya Universal Press (Owned two over the years, they were money makers)
> Pentax MX (cheating here because I got a couple of replacements)
> B:
> Leica M2
> Arriflex R16B2 (Never had a need for one, but always wanted one anyway)
> Full Frame DSLR
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