Temporary (yet complete) disablement

John Celio ntax at neovenator.com
Wed Dec 5 09:59:48 EST 2007

>>As I mentioned in a previous post, I first noticed the problem when I got
>>the DA21 Limited a couple months ago.  If I tried to take a close-up of
>>something with that lens, focus was almost always off.  Then I was 
>>my work's holiday card photo last week (with the FA50 1.4), and, well, I 
>>the other side of the street more in focus than me and my coworkers. The 
>>told me my subject was in focus, but I guess it lied. I looked at some 
>>photos from this past year and noticed the problem over and over again, 
>>a variety of lenses.
> This is why I haven't upgraded the firmware, so I can still access the
> debug mode..

I upgraded the firmware to remove the banding problem that was also an issue 
early on in the camera's production cycle.  If you never take long exposures 
or dark photos, it won't be an issue for your, but it sure as heck was for 
me.  I tested my focus with my D-FA 100mm before upgrading the first time, 
but apparently the focus problem shows more readily when using wide angle 



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