Fuji film in REALLY tough lighting conditions

Charles Robinson charlesr at visi.com
Tue Dec 4 10:42:34 EST 2007

On Dec 4, 2007, at 9:15, David Savage wrote:
> I suspect it's slow because it might be doing an on the fly resize of
> the original 3.8Mb, 1818x1228 pixel image.

I wondered if that might not be the case.  Kinda inefficient but what  
the hey...

> Cool shot, but I've been flash blinded too many times for it not to
> make me wince in pain.

Last time I had a friend welding something for me, I pointed my Fuji  
F30 at him and watched on the 2.5" LCD screen for a little while.  It  
STILL felt dangerous!


Charles Robinson - charlesr at visi.com
Minneapolis, MN

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