My DS and "Sandisk Ultra II" SD cards - incompatible somehow?

Boris Liberman boris71 at
Tue Dec 4 00:23:51 EST 2007

Charles, if you Google "fake SandDisk card" or something like this - you 
will come by the eBay guide to the fake memory cards. There is a fair 
chance that your card (especially when you say - different style of card 
  - they should all be the same across all the batches of the same 
model) is not exactly made by Sandisk.

I had this very problem when I had to move from CF for my *istD to SD 
for my K10D. I have now (original) SandDisk UltraII plus card (one that 
can also be used as a stand alone disk on key - it has USB port built 
in) and it works fine with my K10D.

As a matter of habit I don't have the preview option turned on on my 
camera. I usually chimp at will.

And as it has been suggested, I format my cards only in the camera.

Another thing that became apparent is that my card reader had flaky SD 
port. After I replaced it with the cheapest possible SanDisk MicroMate 
(and it is a good thing it is small - easily taken with me if 
necessary), another bunch of my card problems went away.



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