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Cotty wrote:

>I  think question 4 surprised  me:
>4/   What's the longest length of time you've owned a single DSLR  camera?
>6  % have owned one for about 6 months
>10%  have owned one for about 1 year
>20% have owned one for about 2  years
>32% have owned one for about 3 years
>18% have owned one for  about 4 years
>4  % have owned one for about 5 years
>4 %   have owned one for about 6  years
>The  median is about 3 years - I somehow thought this might be shorter.

Oddly  enough, despite DSLR's reputation for having a very short 
lifespan, I find  I'm updating my main camera no more often with digital 
than I did with film  (about 3 years) and that the amount I spend seems 
to hover around  $1000.00.

I went from PZ-1p to MZ-S to ist-D to K10D
(OK, the Pz-1p  was around $600.00, but after *that* the triannual 
expenditure leveled off  ;-)

Well, most of us fall in the camera hobbyist category.  I think that means 
for us they are really tools. Not just flashy new toys -- and  not just flashy 
toys we have to upgrade all the time. I mean for some people  they probably are 
simply toys. But with a tool you want to learn it backward and  forward, get 
used to it, use it, and keep it viable as long as you can. A  craftsperson 
takes good care of his/her tools.

That's my take on it  anyway. And, yes, prices have come down making new 
purchases recently more  likely.

Thanks for doing the survey, Cotty!

Marnie aka Doe  :-)

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