My DS and "Sandisk Ultra II" SD cards - incompatible somehow?

Charles Robinson charlesr at
Mon Dec 3 16:41:33 EST 2007

I thought I had a bum card, which I've started the RMA process on.  In  
the interim I bought ANOTHER Sandisk UltraII (different store,  
different style of card so it's not the same "batch" of cards) and I'm  
getting the same annoying behavior.

When I'm at a concert, I'll be shooting in bursts of 3-5 exposures at  
a time.  After the burst there is a preview of the last image shot.

Sometimes, for no good reason, it will freeze on that last image - and  
the "write" light will stay on.  Finally, after half a minute or more,  
I'll see a message "image was not saved" and if I'm lucky the camera  
powers down but sometimes it just freezes until I (no, really!) pop  
open the SD door or pop open the battery compartment to "reset" the  

Sometimes after doing this very very rash maneuver, I'll regain  
control of the camera and can continue to use the card.  But sometimes  
I'll get "card error" and then that card is done for the night.

I've two different ultraII cards I was attempting to use last night  
and each behaved in the same way after about 100 exposures.  I put in  
my "Kingmax 60x" card from my Treo so I'd have something for the rest  
of the evening.... and I managed 380 shots without a single error.

So here's the $64,000 question:

Does anyone here use Sandisk UltraII 1gig cards in their DS?  If so,  
have you ever had any problems with them?

I've already gotten an RMA generated for one of the cards, so even  
though I don't think it will help much, I'm sending it in for a  

It doesn't make sense that they'd both be bad cards.  But it also  
doesn't make sense that there is a compatibility issue.  So I'm still  
trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  Formatting them on  
the Mac, I can fill them, copy to/from, all day without issue.  But  
the DS also works beautifully with "anyone else's" SD cards so it's  
not really clear to me what's broken or how to proceed.

Ideas, anyone?


Charles Robinson - charlesr at
Minneapolis, MN

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