Peso Product shoot

David J Brooks pentkon52 at
Mon Dec 3 08:04:05 EST 2007

My daughter has always loved to bake, even at an early age, and is
perfecting her cheescake receipes now.

She made a lemon chess cake for the annual Simpson open house
Saturday, and i thought i best grab a shot.

Not a good example for the portfolio, but it should make you
hungry.LOL. She spent hours and hours fussing over this, concerned it
was not turining out very good, however the reviews were all positive.
Believe me, if the Simpson's don't like something, they will let you

K10D 16-45 and 360 flash on bounce mode.

Shallow DOF but i fiqured the whole piece would have been in focus,
but i quess not


Equine Photography
Ontario Canada

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