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>     Heh! Do not take ads for reality! 

I'm confused, on 2 counts. 

First, I thought that was a documentary about ordinary people's lives
in the Utopia that was East Germany, now you tell me it's an advert.
How can I tell them apart? 

Then you tell me that adverts don't tell the truth! But if that's so,
how can we make an informed choice about which is the best product? 

My illusions are shattered. 

But one thing's for sure - at least those East German Olympic and
World athletics records and medals were fairly won, by honest sweat,
dedication and hard training. Will any nation ever breed such heroes


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> > Looks as though life was pretty good in 1960s East Germany. 
> What were
> > they all complaining about? 
>     Heh! Do not take ads for reality! I come from behind the 
> former Iron Curtain and let me tell you, the commies were 
> pretty good at distorting reality when they presented it. 
> Plus, the 60s were good years almost everywhere in the world, 
> in particular in the communist countries. But yes, you're 
> right: for somebody who has not lived there, it's not easy to 
> guess the reality carefully hidden under thick layers of 
> propaganda. (Just to get an idea: we were constantly told on 
> TV that the corrupted West is on the virge of collapse and 
> that more and more westernes leave their countries to seek 
> refuge in our communist countries... Hilarious, yes, I know...)
>     A. M.
> PS: If, on the other hand, you were just joking, then my 
> comment is pointless, of course.
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