New to both Pentax and film

Bob W pdml at
Sun Dec 2 05:46:24 EST 2007

I think the Vivitar 283 has a tilt/swivel head, so on that score alone
it is better than the Pentax. The Vivitar 283 is a great classic piece
of equipment.

Working out the f-stop range for flash is straightforward, and you
will learn more about flash if you figure it out yourself rather than
have other people do it for you.

The exposure calculation is f-stop = (guide number / flash to subject

The important thing is the guide number - 120 at ISO 100 for the Viv
283, I think. It doubles for each one stop increase of film speed. (It
also changes with the film format/focal length - I have just bought an
Olympus FL-36 flash for the 4/3rds system, and it can be changed to
suit that format or 35mm).

If the iso you want is not on the scale at the back of the flash, you
need to close the aperture down one stop for each increased stop of
iso, or move the flash twice the distance from the subject to achieve
the same exposure.

> 	The Vivitar 283 apears to be superior in every way, 
> save for the lack of TTL contacts.  The problem is I'm often 
> shooting on high speed film because I am planning on doing 
> sports photography in less that good lighting conditions.  
> The problem is, the f-stop guide on the 283 stops at ISO 400. 
>  Has anyone cooked up a f stop guide for iso speeds above iso800?
> -- 
> Ben 'Polyhead' Smith
>   KE7GAL

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