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Inner Focus inner_focus at
Sat Dec 1 14:55:33 EST 2007

It cannot be html formatting. I've got two arguments to back this up:

1) together with my GESO about the Esparron lake in Provence, I had sent other 2 mails. They were both formatted *exactly* like the one that got through on PDML, yet they got lost somewhere... (Plus, I explicitely set Yahoo mail to format my mails as ASCII.)

2) A few days ago I began receiving reply messages with the subject "Re: Denied". That was strange, since I hadn't received the initial "Denied" post. I thought I had deleted it by mistake, but in fact it arrived only the next day.

In my case, it looks like some server, between Yahoo and PDML, does not forward mail properly. The reason that one of my mails made it and the others not is that mails from A to B do not necessarily follow all the same route.

Please also recall that in my message (a few days ago) about Sigma HSM I had included (as plain text, as usual) a link pointing to the Wikipedia article about ultrasonic motors. That message made it, too. So, it's quite random. Some server probably drops mail messages, without acknowledging it. Which is quite irritating.

A. M.

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