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Sat Dec 1 12:16:17 EST 2007

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pnstenquist at writes:
Every message I send  to the list with a link, whether it be a paw or  
peso, has been  blocked. My apologies if they all show up at once. I  
think I tried to  send a PESO message about five times over the last  
twenty hours. Don't  know where they're blocked. I thought at first it  
was the Comcast  servers. But a test showed that a message with a link  
will go through  to other addresses. Could it be the list? I'm  
scratching my  head.
No idea what the problem is. But, Paul, PDML is  plain text, so you shouldn't 
be able to send a link to it anyway. I have AOL  email, which gives me the 
option to format my emails as plain ASCII text. Since  AOL's normal mode is 
embedded html in email.

All you really have to do,  Paul, is find a way to format your email so it is 
plain ASCII text, then a link  isn't a link it's just another text string.

Have you recently changed  email clients? If so, a lot use embedded html or 
rich text format -- and that  may not be immediately apparent to you. Find out 
what you have to do to reformat  your email messages.

Marnie  :-)

Warning: I am now  filtering my email, so you may be censored.  

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