more Lightroom 1.3 improvement ...

Godfrey DiGiorgi godders at
Sat Dec 1 10:48:48 EST 2007

On Nov 30, 2007, at 12:45 PM, Jan van Wijk wrote:

>> As I said, you have to close and reopen the database to have the
>> metadata browser show the new lens names.
> But hat would happen on close/reopen lightRoom as well wouldn't it ?

That's the same operation.

>> The Metadata editing panel
>> for each file, however, should show the lens name.
> Well, the probalem may be that the RAW files on the system are
> the converted DNG files (from the original PEF), perhaps the
> DNG converter did not carry on that info into the DNG ...
> In any case, the Metadata panel for the 'unknown lens' ones
> does not show a lens name at all, so I guess the info is just not  
> there.

What version of DNG Converter are you using? I think it was versions  
prior to DNG Converter v3.2 that would 'hide' certain makernotes/ 
private data, all later versions should have it embedded in the file.  
If you reprocess older DNGs with the latest DNG Converter (v4.3), it  
should restore the data unless it was simply elided.

The DA* lenses are so new that none of them were converted to DNG  
with anything other than the latest conversion.

I was converting all files to DNG with DNG Converter until Lightroom  
came out; I reprocessed all at some point. Now I convert all files to  
DNG on the fly using Lightroom's "convert file to DNG and copy to a  
new format" Import setting. All the lens names are interpreted  
correctly now.


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