FS Friday: FA 80-200 mm 2.8

Carlos Royo carlos_royo at teleline.es
Sat Dec 1 06:30:50 EST 2007

I still have the FA* 80-200 mm. 2.8 and have reduced the asking price 
once more, as I would rather sell it to a PDML member:

FA 80-200 mm. 2.8 LN- (almost like new), boxed, with its original Pentax
pouch and pouch strap, front and back caps and original lenshood. It's
only got a small blemish: between the first and second element, it has a
very small hazy spot only visible at a certain angle, which doesn't
affect the quality of the pictures at all. I took it to my usual repair
shop, and they said it wasn't fungus and it wasn't worth opening the
lens to clean such a small spot. They also said that special tooling was
needed to open the lens in case I wanted to have it cleaned and it
should be sent to an official Pentax service centre.
I can send photos of the lens to prospective buyers. Price: now 1200 
euros plus shipping expenses.

I am the original owner of this lens.

If you are interested in it, please send a message to my email box, not
the list. Shipping expenses are not included in the price.

Thank you for your attention.


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