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K.Takeshita marinerone at
Sun Oct 15 20:22:16 EDT 2006

K10D Experiencing & Talk Shaw (or whatever it's called) was held, and some
skimpy reports are trickling out now.  I am sure more would be out tomorrow.
So far, various posts say;

1. Re the delivery delay, Pentax's reason seems to be true.  They realized
that the current stock level was obviously inadequate.  But the production
has started approx a month ago.

2. Pentax are not in a position to confirm or deny if the new SSM lenses
would have a dual AF system (AF screw drive coupling).  Hmm.

3. There were two samples in ISO 1000 and 1600.  It said in the samples that
those are not based on the latest firmware.  A poster compared the ISO 1600
samples with his DS example and thought the K10D sample was better (note: it
would be very subjective, I suppose).
But all in all, the high ISO samples satisfied most visitors and many
apparently decided to buy K10Ds.

4. Pentax are also demonstrating the comparison with an unnamed (poster
chose not to mention it in that particular forum) competition's 10mp cameras
and the report said the gradation and the shadow detail was overwhelming
better for K10D.

5. Burst rate is 3.5fps, not 3.0.

All in all, they are saying that it is worth the waiting for another 45

The fact that Pentax chose to display high ISO samples, plus their
comparison with a competition indicate their confidence in managing the high
ISO noise.  Gradation/shadow detail, according to posters, are visibly
excellent for K10D.

So far so good :-).


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