Pentax's Tatamiya Interview Part II, #1

Martin Trautmann traut at
Mon Nov 6 10:11:42 EST 2006

On 2006-11-01 19:25, K.Takeshita wrote:
> Q; How about the weather proofing of lenses?
> A: We cannot claim weather-proof for the current line up of lenses. However,
> as we expressed in the case of LX, which was dust sealed, it is difficult
> for water to seep into the lens because of its construction, i.e., the
> combination of tight cylindrical tubes.  While it depends on the severity of
> the environment, in most cases, there should be no major concerns. In the
> case of the latest DA lenses, as they have no aperture rings, it is one less
> negative element for the water seeping possibility.
> The lenses which we can formally claim as water-proof are those 3 DA* lenses
> that we announced in Photokina this year.

Do those new lenses have a fixed outer size?

Otherwise every zoom movement will suck in some air, causing changing
humidity and condensation inside.

However, I guess there's no major 'fog' problems within lenses and

- Martin

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