Pentax's Tatamiya Interview Part II, #4

K.Takeshita marinerone at
Wed Nov 1 19:26:02 EST 2006

Q: What sort of uses would be possible by these modes (Sensitivity priority
mode and shutter speed/aperture priority mode)?
A: In film era, there was a granularity rendering, depending on film or
papers used. However, after entering the digital era, perhaps because of the
negative sound of the word ³noise², it has been widely believed and accepted
that the noise is bad and noiseless but flat images tend to be considered
good images.

However, we definitely do not believe so.  Just like the granular quality of
films, the digital noise should be incorporated as part of the image
rendition.  Increasing the sensitivity does not simply means the increased
signal gain but there must be people who wish to take advantage of digital
noise as one of the texture effects.  This can be easier realized by
³sensitivity priority mode².

Regarding shutter & aperture priority mode, dynamic capture by shutter speed
setting and DOF by aperture setting can be manually adjusted by user.
Occasions require it may not be many but you may encounter such occasions
from time to time.  If the exposure set by the camera is satisfactory to
you, then you do not have to set those manually and leave the sensitivity
setting to auto.

No particular use has been suggested on either mode, but we are hoping that
users freely manipulate these modes and create new image creation or style.
>From our viewpoint, we are glad that things which were not achievable before
can now be offered.

Q: What is the meaning of ³Imaging Revolution² used as a catch phrase for
A: We have stated a big catch phrase ³Imaging Revolution², but it simply
means the total image rendition including noise.  Digital cameras tend to be
judged largely by various numbers and figures, and we are prepared for the
judgment only by the apparent figures of noise.

We do wish our camera be accepted by everybody, but it may not be No.1 under
various evaluation parameters, because there are those we gained but those
we lost as well. However, we are very confident that the final image
rendition would be superior to others¹  We will be very grateful if
traditional film users would appreciate our camera.

Q: Any appeal to those who might be contemplating the purchase of K10D?
A: K10D should be very user friendly for those who love cameras and
photography.  While specs and price are important factors, there are
attractions and appeals which cannot be experienced until and unless you
actually handle and use it.  Please touch and handle K10D, evaluate and
judge by yourself.

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